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On our recent trip to Bernardo Winery in San Diego, we discovered that the findings in a barrel room can create some of the most interesting compositions.  In addition to an old, dusty rocking horse, we came across a string of light bulbs draped along the wine barrels.

String of Lights

The light bulbs provided a nice contrast against the dark barrels and also created a romantic ambiance.  I also love how they diminish in size and fade off into the background.

This experience has taught me to approach my surroundings with an open curiosity because you never know what you will find!

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Have I ever said how much I love photography?  Well, I do…especially when I come across something so unique or random that it just beckons the camera to come out and play!

So in my last post, I mentioned that my hubby was whisking me away on a surprise weekend getaway…and my guess was right – San Diego!

Yesterday on our way home, we stopped at the oh-socharmingyouwishyoucouldbottleitup Bernardo Winery.  As we strolled through the winery, we came across the barrel room – a dimly lit, unassuming room filled with large barrels…nothing out of the ordinary.

But as we meandered deeper into the room, we started to discover hidden gems that made for unique photo compositions.

Tucked away in the back and lit by a stream of light appeared before me one of those hidden gems…

Rocking HorseYour typical rocking horse in a barrel room!

Seriously…how random is that?  And I couldn’t wait to photograph it!

It has an eeriness about it, and it sent a shiver down my spine…especially when a vision of those creepy twin girls from the movie “The Shining” popped into my head!   YIKES!  Delete!  Delete!

After I cleared my head & returned to my happy place, I began to wonder, “What the heck is a rocking horse doing in a barrel room?!”

My imagination went wild…

Did the owner’s kids play in this room?

Did someone put the rocking horse here & just forget about it?

Does the rocking horse come alive at night & partake of the vino?  (Hey, it’s my imagination!!!)

Whatever the reason, I was so happy I stumbled upon it.

It’s random discoveries like these that feed my love of photography!

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