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Have you ever stayed at a hotel that left you speechless?

Back in 2010 when my hubby and I planned our dream honeymoon, we decided to splurge (just a little) on one hotel throughout the entire trip so that way we’d have more spending cash for other things like excursions, souvenirs and dining experiences.

First we had to decide on our splurge location…and that was an easy choice – the stunning Greek island of Santorini.

Now the hard part – choosing a place to stay among the many cliff hugging, magical, white washed hotels that just oozed charm.

After going back and forth, we decided on this gem:

Hotel KetiHotel Keti is located in Fira Town, Capital of Santorini

The “Cavehouse Suite” was our first choice, but it was already booked, so we stayed in a “Double Superior” room which worked our perfectly!  At 120 euros a night, it was a splurge to us, but compared to the neighboring hotels…it was quite a bargain!

Room in Hotel KetiThe room was quaint, simple & modern.
Hotel KetiThe bathroom was spacious with a jacuzzi tub.

But here’s the real reason we chose this hotel:

View from Hotel Keti
 Stunning views right outside our door!
IMG_0599_r1Private terrace time
View from the front doorDoorway to paradise!
Hotel KetiTalk about grand entrance!
View of Fira from our terrace.
Enjoying vino and the viewsVino + Gorgeous Views = Happy Jen!

Sure, you have to walk down almost 100 winding cobblestone steps to reach the hotel, but with views like this…it’s so worth it!  (And if you need a little assistance, a porter is available to carry your bags…for 20 euros.)

Breathtaking viewsCruise ships in the harbor.

The front desk personnel were extremely friendly & very helpful with directions, excursions & suggestions on things to do.

Welcoming committeeWe even had a welcoming committee (who was very cute!)

Little did we know that on our last night in Santorini was the annual  fireworks display commemorating the eruption of the volcano.

Fireworks advertisement

All we had to do was step outside our door to the best seats in the house, kick back & be awed by the vibrant, beautiful display in the distance.

Virtual volcanic eruptionFlares and fireworks created a virtual representation of the volcanic eruption.



IMG_0737_r1Fireworks then continued over Fira lighting up the town.





Honeymooning in Santorini and staying at Hotel Keti was definitely the highlight of the trip.  If you ever consider traveling to Santorini, I wholeheartedly recommend getting swept away by this magical jewel!

Hotel KetiTrust me, you won’t be disappointed!

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So I want to move here…right away!  Can you blame me?

When my husband and I honeymooned in Santorini over 2 years ago, I fell in love with this breathtaking Greek island!  With 2 more countries to visit, I would have been perfectly content if we just stayed there for the remainder of our trip…or permanently!

The first two nights, we stayed in Santorini’s capital, Fira.  Everything about the capital was amazing!  From the whitewashed buildings with blue doors perched high above the cliffs…to the surreal landscapes overlooking the Mediterranean…to those romantic, idyllic sunsets that put others to shame…to those winding cobblestone roads that take you from one charming place to another.

Is it any wonder I’m spellbound by Santorini?

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Doorway to Heaven

Welcome to Photo Bliss!   Every week, I will post a photo from my travels near or far.

In the summer of 2010, my new husband and I honeymooned in magical Greece.  Santorini left the biggest impression on me.  From the cliff side homes to the perfect sunsets – everywhere we turned was a postcard moment!  In the iconic village of Oia, we wandered along the cobblestone streets and secret passageways leading to homes, cafes, souvenir shops, secret romantic spots, quiet sanctuaries, churches and grand vistas.  It was fun getting lost because we didn’t know what we would find around each corner.

As we climbed a narrow staircase, we ended up at the doorstep of this bright white door.  I was mesmerized by this image.  I don’t know if it was because of the stark contrast of the perfect azure seas framed by the windows of the white door or just the pull of what lay ahead.   I wanted to go further, but a lock on the door told me differently.  What lay ahead?  A glimpse of heaven perhaps?  I’d like to think so.

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