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Hi, I’m Jen, and I’m a chocoholic!

So you can imagine the squeal of delight that filled the room when I was invited to join the “Pure Madness Chocolate” campaign from

The box arrived, I ripped it open, and before I could even empty the contents, my husband grabbed the “Pure Madness Smoky Almond” chocolate bar & ran into the other room…the “madness” had begun!

Pure Madness Chocolate

I pleaded with him to hand over the bar so we could enjoy the sweet decadence together like civilized human beings, which we did…in ravenous style! 🙂

We started with the 9 sinful truffles made with only the finest Belgium chocolate…yes, you read right…Belgium chocolate…yum.

Pure Madness Chocolate

Usually I enjoy chocolate by itself or combined with peanut butter, caramel or nuts, but the variety of flavors was a pleasant surprise to my taste buds!

The flavors (both classic and daring) consisted of: Classic, Chili Lime, Vanilla, Sea Salt Caramel, Hazelnut, Raspberry, Rum Raisin, Espresso and Dark Classic (my favorite!)

I have to admit though, that the “Pure Madness Smoky Almond” chocolate bar was my favorite.

Pure Madness Chocolate

It was the perfect combination of almonds, salt and 32% milk chocolate for this chocoholic!

Pure Madness Chocolate

So if you enjoy chocolate (and who doesn’t), give in to the “Madness!” and give your mouth a decadent treat it will never forget!

Pure Madness Chocolate

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