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aloha mystery giveaway

What is the Aloha Mystery Giveaway, you ask?   Well check THIS out!

As of a few minutes ago, there were 10 entries.  For those who entered, that makes your odds of winning the “mystery gift” REALLY GOOD!

If you LINKED this post to your blog or MENTIONED the contest on your blog, please let me know so I can enter your name in the drawing.

For those of you who are thinking of entering but haven’t – why not give it a try?

The more the merrier!

My hubby and I are leaving on our Hawaiian getaway first thing Friday morning (CAN’T WAIT!), so as of today, that gives you 11 days to enter the contest.

What is the prize?  Well that is the mystery now, isn’t it?

I’m going to search all over Maui and Hawaii for that island treasure, and as promised, it will not disappoint!  (well…at least I hope it doesn’t!)  lol!

With that said, I need to finish packing and give my abs one last killer workout.  Yep, this is what happens when your husband insists you bring a bikini when you are so NOT bikini ready!  Thanks honey (in sarcastic tone.) All I can say is thank God for green smoothies, Michael @, Laura @ and Jessica @…all of who, in 2 weeks, helped me to somewhat flatten (emphasis on somewhat) my midsection through their motivational and hard core workouts.

So until I return my dear readers…

Aloha…and GOOD LUCK!!

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You know what’s better than a giveaway?


aloha mystery giveaway

This giveaway is such a mystery…even I don’t know what I’m giving away yet!

At the end of the month, my hubby & I are taking to the skies and flying across the Pacific to Maui and Hawaii.

Throughout our vacation, I will be on the lookout for the perfect prize for one lucky reader!

Jewelry?  Perhaps…

Hawaiian souvenir?  Maybe…

Grass skirt?  Not if it finds its way in my closet first!  Lol!


Yeh, me too!

But I promise you…it’ll be worth it!

Even though we’re leaving for Hawaii at the end of the month, I’ve decided to start this giveaway TODAY so you all have one month to enter!

How do I enter?

Well I’m glad you asked!

1.  Leave a comment telling me what your idea of paradise is…AND YOU’RE IN!

2.  If you want to DOUBLE your chances, then just link this post to your blog and spread the love!

The giveaway will close at midnight (PST) on Monday, June 10th  

Good luck to you all!


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