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Hope in Bloom

Grape Plant

Grapes in winter…who knew?

Last year, we purchased a grape plant & planted it in a rustic half wine barrel we found at Lowes.  We cared for it, watered it, showered it with love, and during the late spring, the fruits of our labor graced us with one big, glorious bunch of grapes.

Summer came and went, and as autumn turned into winter, the leaves turned brown, fell, and our ounce flourishing plant became a collection of branches and twigs…dormancy had set in.  I wondered if I would ever see our once vibrant grape plant in all its splendor again.

After ringing in 2014 in the dead of winter, leaves surprisingly began to appear one by one…until the promise of new life covered our balcony!  (And I’m happy to say that it looks like we will be surpassing our one bunch record from last year!)

Grape plant

Here’s to the hope that comes from blooms in the winter and to the promise of new life even during the most dormant of times.  🙂

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