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Just when I thought I was out of the woods, it returned…


And now, it’s in my RIGHT foot!  (Insert sad face here)

It’s been over a year since I overcame plantar fasciitis in my left foot, and I thought my body was getting stronger.  I continued to walk, stretch every morning, take pilates classes, ride my bike and take calcium daily.

I was pretty certain that I would never encounter pain like that ever again!

Never say never…

About a month ago, I joined a new gym which I thoroughly love, and I was feeling pretty good physically.  I was feeling so good in fact, that I decided to be brave and take a cardio/sculpt class.  The first thing our instructor had us do was run 5 laps around the classroom.  Instead of running, I jogged lightly with no problem…until I felt the slightest twinge of discomfort in my right foot.  The remainder of the class we did weight training.  I felt good overall and didn’t think anything of the discomfort I felt earlier.

That was until, the morning after…

As I took that first step out of bed, I immediately recognized the stabbing pain in my foot.  I could not believe that a few light jogs around the room could do so much damage to my foot!  (And the opposite one for that matter!)  My left foot is fine, strangely enough!

I think what really gets me down is knowing that I cannot go back to my previous active ways…even in moderation!  I knew there was a risk that it could come back, but I wanted to believe otherwise.  So for the remainder of my days, it’s walking, pilates, yoga, biking & swimming…which is fine…but I miss those high impact days!

This month has brought along all the lows that I experienced the first time I had plantar fasciitis.  I know what to do now to bring relief to my foot, but the hardest part is the waiting.  Waiting for relief…waiting to wake up and NOT hobble my way across the room…waiting for that dark cloud to disappear from over my head.

I’ve lost so much motivation this past month.  It’s crazy how emotionally and mentally draining pain can be!  I didn’t want to do anything…no blogging, no enjoying life…nothing.  I felt like blah…and occasionally I still do, but I’m trying to dig my way out of this fog bank.

During these grey days, I would surf the net in search of some sort of inspiration.  Something to motivate me in any capacity.  Recently I stumbled upon a website about juicing and the cleansing powers it contains.  The more I read about it, the more intrigued I was, so I decided to start my juicing journey.

It’s only been a week, but the fog in my head is lifting slowly.  Every morning, I look forward to savoring these tasty juices from fruits, vegetables and greens.  The vibrant colors alone lift my spirits along with the refreshing taste  –  it puts a spring (well, more like hobble) in my step.  I’m not sure if juicing can cure my plantar fasciitis, but it’s definitely giving me a more positive outlook on things, and right now, that’s exactly what I need!

I’d like to give you a glimpse into my juicing journey, so starting next week, I will share different juice recipes with you in my new Juicing Bliss segment, & I’ll let you know how things are going with wobbly foot too!  😉

Here’s to your health!

Do any of you juice?  If so, what is your favorite recipe?

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