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Level headed.


This is who I was in my 20’s.

Then one day in my early 30’s, I did something that scared me…
…and I LOVED it!

Scary, I discovered…can be FUN!

So I did something scary again…

…and again…Bungee!Read about my jump here!

And this Saturday, I will do it once again!

Let’s just say that what I’m doing is similar to all of the above, but instead of plummeting straight to the earth, I will be flying through the air with…(God willing!)… the greatest of ease!

Ten years have passed since I let my inhibitions fly out the window.  Things have changed, I’ve grown more cautious (and a tad more brittle) and I haven’t done anything quite so daring since then.  Now I wonder if my 40 year old self will grab fear by the (you know what!)…or curl up in a fetal position and cry!  (I must admit…I’m quite nervous!  My palms are sweating as I type this!)

Stay tuned to find out!

I’m curious…as each birthday rolls around, are you more open to trying something that scares you?

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