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Three weeks ago on a sunny August afternoon in Dana Point, my husband and I strolled along Doheny State Beach when we suddenly found ourselves surrounded by elephants!

Artistically hand-painted Asian elephant sculptures, that is.

You might be wondering, why is there a herd of Asian elephant sculptures filling the beach?

You see, the Asian elephant is endangered and faces extinction in a few decades if action isn’t taken.  Over the last 100 years, the Asian elephant habitat has shrunk by 95% and its population has decreased by over 90%.  Due mainly to habitat destruction and increasing human population growth, the elephants’ homes have been turned into farms, plantations, towns, dams and highways.  Poaching for ivory also remains a growing problem.

To help raise money for the charity The Asian Elephant Foundation, celebrities and famous artists lovingly painted their Asian elephant statues with their hearts, souls and personalities!  The entire herd filled Doheny State Beach in celebration of the event.  On November 17, select elephants will be up for auction to raise funds for the charity.

So pull up a chair and enjoy the 35 beautifully hand-painted elephants.   I love them all, but one captured my heart…and I saved it for last.

So without further ado, let us begin…The Elephant Parade.

Betty Boop, Saving ElephantsIMG_1344

All Eyes On MeIMG_1356




Wild LifeWild Life

There's Still LifeThere's Still Hope!



Nature: Cycles of LifeNature: Cycles of Life


Golden PoppiesIMG_1276

A Hundred FlowersA Hundred Flowers

The Story of AsiaThe Story of Asia

Valentina the ElenautValentina the Elenaut

Maa LiiMaa Lii



Black TajBlack Taj


Cesars PackCesars Pack

California SurpherCalifornia Surpher

I Brought My Own SnorkelI Brought My Own Snorkel

Shopping QueenShopping Queen

Gentle GuardianGentle Guardian


Bright BeautyBright Beauty

American TravelerAmerican Traveler


Zia SkyeZia Skye

Sea the Point!Sea the Point

Utain WongjaiUtain Wongjai

Anybody Listening?Anybody Listening?IMG_1366Triumph of Liberty

We Love Mosha USAWe Love Mosha USA

Ok so now here’s the fun part – which elephant was your favorite…and why?

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