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Did I ever mention that I’m 100% Italian…?

(Well…in my heart, that is…)

The moment I set foot in Italy, I knew it was something special.

Even though I’m a mix of French Canadian, Polish, Indian and English (and proud of it!), I’d like to think that in a previous life, I lived in an enchanting, medieval, Italian hill town overlooking the canyon below.

Maybe even a hill town like this…

CivitaCivita di Bagnoregio

On the last leg of our honeymoon in 2010, my hubby and I traveled around Italy, and the one place I couldn’t wait to visit the most was the once thriving, now quiet hilltop gem known as Civita di Bagnoregio!


Once the gateway to Rome, Civita now sits high above a decaying plateau and is connected to its neighboring town of Bagnoregio by a “bring-supportive-shoes-this-is-an-extremely-steep-foot-bridge” bridge constructed when years of erosion, earthquakes and wind took effect and left it isolated from the modern world.  (Hence its nickname “The Dying Town.”)  Now, less than 15 people call Civita home.


Prepare to be transported back in time as you enter the arched gates of the city.  Founded by the Etruscans over 2500 years ago, Civita is untouched by the modern world and is a wonderland for artists and photographers alike.


Charm oozes out of every nook and cranny —
from the lush foliage clinging on arches and walls…

…to the colorful potted plants dotting the staircases.

CivitaRising out of the Umbrian countryside and sitting high above the clouds, Civita provides stunning panoramas that captivate and mesmerize.

CivitaThere are surprises around every corner —
from spiral staircases decending into the canyon’s abyss…

Civita Kitties…to precious kitties snuggling side by side…

Civita…to a chapel deep inside a cave…

…to a secret garden just beyond the gate.

All you have to do is stroll along the cobblestone paths to discover visual treasures.

CivitaCivita was also the birthplace of Franciscan friar and theologian, St. Bonaventure.
His childhood home fell prey to erosion and has since fallen off the cliff into the precipice below.


There are many enchanting places to visit in Italy, but if you have to visit just one, I highly encourage you to experience this modern day medieval fairy tale!  It’s only 90 miles north of  Rome…so why not be transported into this dreamland?

Civita is waiting for you!

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