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july 4
God Bless America!

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Last night, my husband and I spent the last hours of 2013 being launched at 82 miles per hour 205 feet into the sky, defying gravity, plummeting at 90 degree angles, spiraling out of control and being blasted into 7 story loops.

I mean, what better way is there to end 2013?

Every year, Knott’s holds a New Year’s Eve celebration complete with music, food, entertainment, fireworks & rides galore up until 1:00am.


After my hubby returned from work, we enjoyed some pizza, bundled up, jumped in the car & arrived at Knott’s around 5:15 pm.  It was already busy, but that didn’t stop us from braving the long lines to experience the thrills of the coasters!

For all you U.S. military personnel past and present, did you know that you and a guest can get in for free anytime from November 4 – January 5?  This is Knott’s way of saying “Thank you” for all that you do for our country!  We thought NYE would be the perfect day to use our free admission – thanks to my hubby!

NYE 2014Me & my honey 🙂

We started off our evening on the ever popular Ghost Rider – one of the largest wooden coasters in the world! 

Ghost RiderBring on the hernia!

White knuckle adventure?  Check!
108 foot drop?  Check!
Feeling like you’re going to fly out of your seat?  Check!
G-forces of 3.14?  Check!
Lots of brain rattling and possible hernia?  Check!

If you’re into white knuckle, wooden coaster thrills with a little pain thrown in for good measure, this is the ride for you (and a great way to kick off your Knott’s experience!)  But be warned – if you have any kind of neck or back pain, heart condition or are pregnant, please DO NOT even entertain the idea of going on this!  

Next up was one of Knott’s newest coasters Coast Rider.

Coast Rider52 feet to the top

This ride was so relaxing compared to Ghost Rider!  It had some drops, smooth hairpin turns and twists. A fun coaster for everyone and any newbies to the roller coaster world.

Before going on Coast Rider, we checked to see if Xcelerator was open for business.  For the past couple of years whenever we went to Knott’s, Xcelerator was always closed for repair or whatever other reason.  As we approached the line entrance, a staff member informed us that it was closed for now but said that it might reopen later.

While waiting in line at Coast Rider and keeping our fingers crossed, we heard the rattle of a high speed coaster on a track…sure enough – Xcelerator looked primed for passengers.

Once we got off of Coast Rider, we scurried down to Xcelerator & got in line.  As you get closer, the line divides in 2 – one for the front of the car only and one for all the other seats.  I don’t know about you, but I like to see where I’m going…only because this way, I don’t get dizzy.  Had I realized that everyone else wanted to get into the front also, maybe I would have passed on the idea!

Have I mentioned that this ride is completely insane?!!!  (but in a good way!)

XceleratorI mean, look at it – you go straight up!

Xcelerator…and then…like…literally…straight down…at a 90 degree angle!

XceleratorIt makes you question your sanity!

XceleratorOk, so check it out – here is the car before it’s launched down the track at 82 miles per hour…
(oh & check out the stylish flames on the hot rod – love it!)

Xcelerator…and here’s a photo as you’re launched!

XceleratorHere it is again…BEFORE…

Xcelerator…and AFTER!

Remember how I said that I like to see where I’m going…well…so much for that idea.  As the green light approached, I closed my eyes & made the mistake of opening them just as we began our plummet…yikes!

I finally did open them for the remainder of the ride.  What an amazing thrill this ride is!  As our hot rod pulled up to the station, I couldn’t stop shaking!

Adrenaline rush?  Check!!!!!!!

After existing this beast, we both agreed it was time for Knott’s famous boysenberry funnel cake!  Envision a right-out-of-the-oven warm funnel cake topped with powdered sugar and sweet boysenberries!

We took our treat with us and got in line for one of Knott’s most classic rides – the Timber Mountain Log Ride. It has recently undergone a transformation with updated characters and scenes, but it still remains a family favorite and a popular attraction for young and old!

As we walked to our next thrill, we couldn’t help but admire the beautiful lights around the park.


Beautiful lights

Next, it was time for one of my all time favorites – Montezooma’s Revenge!

Montezooma's RevengeMontezooma’s Revenge

I love the main purpose of this ride – to blast you out of the station from 0 to 55 miles per hour in 3 seconds straight into a 7 story loop forwards and then backwards.

Montezooma's RevengeEager passengers awaiting the countdown…

Montezooma's RevengeBlastoff!

Montezooma's RevengeGoing backwards!

With midnight approaching, we then headed to Calico Square to check out the 80’s cover band The Reflexx!

The ReflexxLike, The Reflexx was like, totally awesome!

This band was seriously great!  I was immediately brought back to my childhood with songs from Culture Club, Depeche Mode, Simple Minds, Haircut 100, A-ha and many more!  I’ve never heard of The Reflexx, but they’re a local Orange County band, so I will keep my eyes and ears opened for future shows!

We gradually made our way over to the Boardwalk to prepare for the countdown and fireworks spectacular…

fireworks…and spectacular they were!

fireworksHAPPY NEW YEAR!

Spending our last few hours of 2013 at Knott’s Berry Farm was such a memorable and fun way to say goodbye to 2013 and hello to 2014!

May you all have much happiness, great health, dreams come true…and many thrills in 2014!

Happy New Year!

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New Year’s has a special place in my heart. 

Not only is it the beginning of a new year and the opportunity for a fresh start, it also marks the third anniversary of when my “then boyfriend” asked me a very important question.

Chicken or fish?

Red or white?

Window or aisle?

Grant it, these are all important questions (and if you must know, it’s chicken, red & window), but this particular question had much more significance and actually made me squeal and sob all at the same time!

And I didn’t see it coming!

We had been dating for 9 months and decided to spend New Year’s at the Mission Inn in Riverside.  If you haven’t been there, do yourself a favor & visit this spectacular inn during the Christmas season at least once.  Sparkly, pretty lights cover the grounds creating a magical wonderland!

Mission Inn

Mission Inn

For New Year’s Eve, Crispin made reservations at a beautiful restaurant called Mario’s Place located across the street from the inn.

Mario's Place

Good friends of ours met us there to ring in 2010 with fabulous food and dancing.  I was curious why his friends brought all of their camera and video equipment though.

“They must really want to capture the festivities of the New Year”, I thought.

Still clueless…

During our 4 course meal, Crispin kept excusing himself to use the bathroom.  I felt bad thinking that the food was wreaking havoc on his stomach, but each time he came back, he seemed fine and quite happy.

With our good friends

Before getting our dessert, he asked our server if we could move to a table closer to the dance floor.  We were in a quieter area of the restaurant which I didn’t mind, but the waiter was happy to oblige and moved us right over by the dance floor.

After enjoying our dessert, we all hit the dance floor in our party hats and danced the night away up until the big countdown.

“3…2…1…Happy New Year!”

” Auld Lang Syne” played in the background as couples kissed and danced in the new year.

New Year's Kiss

Toward the end of the song, the deejay interrupted and said, “I’d like to make an announcement.  This is also a very special night for a very special couple…”

I looked at my husband.

“OH…MY…GOSH…a lucky girl is getting proposed to tonight!”

I excitedly scanned the room trying to spot someone on their knee, when C turned to me, took my hands and said, “You make me so happy.”

I thought…how sweet.

Still no clue!!!

Then in front of complete strangers on a crowded dance floor, the man of my dreams proceeded to get down on one knee and pulled out a little box.

The proposal

It then dawned on me…OMG…that lucky girl is me!!!


“Jennifer, I love you.  Will you marry me?”

Tears of bliss proceeded to gush out of my eyes along with squeals, laughter, sobs…and who knows what else.  C put the ring on my finger, and I kept saying between sobs, “Oh my gosh…oh my gosh…oh my gosh!!!”

Ringing in the New Year!

After I calmed down a little, C looked at me…”So is that a yes?”

“Of course it is!!”


We embraced each other for what seemed like forever.  It was such a magical evening…one I will never forget.

Everything finally made sense.  His friends were there not only to join us but also to document “the moment”.  C kept excusing himself NOT to use the bathroom, but to arrange things with the deejay.  And he wanted us to be close to the dance floor so his friends would have easier access to the camera & video equipment.

“Congratulations” by total strangers flooded our table, dance floor and even in the ladies restroom as I attempted to fix my makeup.

After about 15 minutes of celebrating with my fiancé, I thought…I need to call my parents!

Before calling, C said, “I already asked your parents for their blessing.”

So they knew all along!!!  Hmmm…time to play along.

“Hi Mom, Happy New Year!”

“Hi honey, Happy New Year!  Are you enjoying your evening?”

“Yeh, it’s ok.  So, is there something you want to talk about?”

“I don’t know…is there?!”


 Well I just couldn’t keep it in any longer.

“I’M ENGAGED!  And you knew all along!”

We both erupted in laughter & tears.

My mom said, “Well, it’s a good thing I have laryngitis and almost no voice or else I may have spilled the beans!”

My dad then joined in on the celebration on the phone and revealed that C asked for their blessing back in early December, but he didn’t reveal when or where he would pop the question.  But they had an idea it would be on New Year’s.  After we hung up, my parents proceeded to celebrate with hot chocolate while my fiancé and I continued to celebrate throughout the night.

Dancing the night away

Reliving the memorable start to 2010 puts that goofy grin on my face all over again, and I don’t want to wipe it off!!!

Happy happy!!!

It was a magical evening filled with so much happiness, love, excitement, joy…BLISS.

3 years later as we counted down to 2013, I asked Crispin if he would marry me all over again…he said yes.

Happy Engagment Anniversary!Lucky girl  🙂

May your 2013 be filled with bliss!

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