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It’s Here!

It’s here!  It’s here!

Autumn Is Here Gliter image

I sprung out of bed for my morning hike into the hills, eager to get a taste of the first hours of Fall…and to my surprise, for about an hour, it felt like Fall!  The air was crisp, there were pretty cloud formations hiding the sun as it tried to make its’ appearance, and I actually saw some red leaves (like 3 or 4…)  but STILL!  Not bad for California!

Okay, so I have some good news and some bad news…

Let’s start with the bad news:
There’s only one day left to enter my Makeover My Blog Header Design Giveaway.

And the good news:
If you’re the only person who enters, it looks like you have a 100% chance of winning!  LOL!

The contest ends at midnight, so you have all day to decide if you want to score a new header design.  Or maybe you know of someone who needs a fresh look for Autumn.  You are welcome to enter on their behalf.  🙂

Well I hate to chat & run, but my carpet is begging to be vacuumed, so everyone have a WONDERFUL first day of Autumn!

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