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It’s not your typical birth story.

There were no 2 happy lines staring back at me from a pregnancy test.

There was no 9 months to prepare for your arrival.

There was no crossing the days off the calendar until we saw your face.

There were no weekly or monthly photos showing my expanding belly.

There were no kicks telling me “Hello, I’m here!”

There was no morning sickness, swollen feet or exhaustion.

There were no interesting food cravings.

There was no cute maternity clothing.

There was no ultrasound photos to share with family and friends.

There was no “Gender Reveal Party.”

There was no wondering whose features you’d have.

There was no birthing class.

There was no baby shower in anticipation of your arrival.

There was no epidural, labor pains or contractions.

There was no bond so close that can only be experienced by an expectant mother.

But here’s what there was:

A yearning so strong for someone we never met.

Years of waiting, praying, tears and hope.

Tons of paperwork, social worker visits, background checks, fingerprints, home studies, profiles, meetings with lawyers and draining bank accounts.

A pain in our hearts that lasted for 4 years.

A test in patience, trust and faith.

Wondering who God had chosen especially for us.

The glimmer of hope when our adoption laywer called.

Utter disbelief and happiness when the birth parents chose us that very same night to be your adoptive parents.

Less than 24 hours to prepare for a new addition to the family!

Our world turning topsy turvy overnight!

Knowing that we had one last night of solid sleep, but being too excited to care!


Pulling into the hospital parking lot the next day knowing that our lives were about to change forever.


Knots of anxiety in our stomaches as we walked up to the hospital knowing our boy was waiting for us.

Trying to wake from a dream as we prepped ourselves by washing our hands and arms in the nurse’s station.

Feelings of weightlessness as we walked down the hall into the NICU.

A floodgate of pure bliss when we saw your sweet face and held you in our arms for the very first time.



An immediate bond that was undeniable!

A mandatory hands-on crash course in caring for a preemie.

A feeling of immense gratitude for 2 very special birth parents who gave us such a precious gift.

Staring in awe as you were carefully placed in your car seat knowing that you were coming home with us.


The inability to wipe the smile from our faces as we drove you home.


Finally realizing that there was a reason why it took 4 long years for our dream to come true!


Knowing that this was all God’s plan, and all those questions we had vanished –
you were made for us!

As your 5 month birthday approaches, I still can’t believe the happy, bubbly little sweetheart you are!


You have grown so much from the 4lb 15oz preemie you were to a strong, healthy boy!

You bring us so much joy, and I honestly can’t picture our lives without you!

Since then, Sam has been showered with so much love and joy, and he charms the pants off everyone!!!


All I can say is what a blessing you are Sam!
Your Mommy & Daddy love you!


Now that’s bliss, baby!

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I’ve had my share of delicious breakfasts in my life, but nothing could prepare me for the bliss that I would devour on day 3 of our Maui getaway.

Poolside at the neighboring Napili Shores Resort is The Gazebo Restaurant located at 5315 Lower Honoapiilani Road.

The Gazebo

After taking a brief stroll along the beach, we walked up a few stairs to the entrance of this open air restaurant.

The Gazebo relies only on word-of-mouth advertising.  In steady rain and wind was a line of about 12 people waiting in line about 30 minutes before opening time at 7:30am.

By the time they opened, the line stretched around the restaurant.

IMG_9161The Gazebo provided umbrellas and hot coffee while we waited outside.

Napili Rainbow!As we waited, the skies cleared and a perfect rainbow painted the sky!

I wondered if all the hype I heard about the Macadamia Nut Pancakes was true.  Could they really be THAT good?

I was about to find out…

Macadania Nut PancakesOh sweet nectar of the gods!

I’m not sure exactly what is in the sweet fluffy homemade whipped topping, but people have been known to bring in jars just to bottle up the heavenly concoction & take it home with them.

I don’t blame them!

Couple the macadamia nut sprinkled-on-top pancakes with the magical whipped cream and wash that down with a refreshing glass of POG (passion fruit juice, orange juice & guava juice) and that, my friends, is breakfast bliss.

And yes, the pancakes really are THAT good!

If you ever find yourself in West Maui, RUN, don’t walk to The Gazebo…and you too will experience breakfast bliss!

Speaking of sweetness, I just selected the 13 recipients of the “Super Sweet Blogger Award”.  Congrats to you all!

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