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IMG_6122a…this one!

Sorry…I’m not revealing the answer until the next couple of posts!

The great thing about beaches is that they’re all beautiful in some way, but for me, this beach ranks the highest in my book!

I’d like to think that I’ve experienced a good number of beaches in my lifetime, but there are still so many places I want to visit including Asia and French Polynesia…and I think maybe I’ll find my next favorite beach there!

For those of you who have been to the Caribbean, maybe you already know this beach…maybe you’ve soaked your feet in the warm, clear waters…maybe you’ve evened out your tan with the bountiful rays…maybe you waded out into the crystalline turquoise waters and realized just how far you walked out with your feet still touching the sand…maybe you took a peak with one eye at the other (more natural) end of the beach (lol!)…or maybe you just stared in awe all the beauty surrounding you.

It really was a gorgeous beach that encompassed so many wonderful qualities (except for the crowds!), and I look forward to returning one day!

Until then…stay tuned for the big reveal…or 100 bonus points to anyone who can name this beach!

So…what’s YOUR favorite beach?

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After our enchanting stay in Maui, we arrived on the Big Island of Hawaii and drove for about an hour until we reached our new island dwelling.  This tranquil coral and lava-filled beach was a mere 1.5 minute walk from our tropical sanctuary.

Can anyone guess what beach this is?

Whoever guesses right will get a ray of California sunshine sent their way!  😉

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After spending two magical days on the east coast of Maui, it was time to say goodbye to Halemano, our unforgettable sanctuary and the mystical Haleakala National Park.

We soon discovered that the Road “from” Hana was just as scenic as the Road to Hana.

Wailua FallsWailua Falls

Wailua Falls
We left around 8:30am to ensure we had enough time to enjoy the views before our 1:00pm flight…

Road to Hana Traffic…and also in case we encountered a traffic jam!
(This one was caused when two oncoming cars encountering the same turn didn’t allow each other enough room to pass causing a stand still, so they had to back up causing each car behind them to back up as well.)

Which Way Do We Go?A reminder of all the places we have yet to explore!


Road to HanaA lush wonderland around every corner!


Road to Hana BridgeI loved the moss-laden bridges!

IMG_9860The narrow road was an adventure in itself!


Road to HanaA sobering reminder that although the Road to Hana is beautiful,
it can also be very dangerous.


Eucalyptus TreePainted Bark Eucalyptus Trees

Eucalyptus TreeTruly a masterpiece!

Eucalyptus Trees
As we exited the lush wonderland and grew closer to Kahului Airport, we stopped at the this-can’t-be-real-the-water-is-much-too-blue Paia Beach.

Paia BeachPaia Beach

Paia BeachIt’s easy to get mesmerized with this view!

Mokulele ExpressSoon we were at Kahului Airport and boarding our flight for the Big Island on Mokulele Express, Hawaii’s #1 Island Hopper Airline.

Mokulele Express   Did I mention how TINY it was?  We had to literally duck our heads when entering the plane.  And look at the pilots – they were like RIGHT THERE!  Seating around 10-12 people, it was like a flying school bus.

Mokulele ExpressAnd oh what fun it was!
I would definitely recommend Mokulele Express when island hopping!

Like two kids in a candy store, we were eager to find out what the second half of our Hawaiian adventure had in store for us!

Stay tuned…

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Napili Bay

On day 2, before the sun, sounds of laughter and beach goers filled Napili Bay in Maui, I woke up around 5:30am with camera & tripod in tow and enjoyed a tranquil moment listening to the waves caressing the shore and watching the changing colors of the sunrise paint the sky.

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…when I say that California has some of the most gorgeous coastal bluffs!!!  Maybe I’m prejudice because I’m a California native, but you just gotta check this out:

My husband and I traveled to San Luis Obispo for our 2 year anniversary a few weeks ago, and we decided to check out Montaña De Oro State Park.  This park is a wonderland of jagged cliffs, coastal plains, private beaches, canyons and scenic hikes including 1,347-foot Valencia Peak (which provides some pretty awesome views…but that’s for another post.)

For now, let’s get back to those coastal bluffs:

Have a beautiful week!

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There’s something so calming about this photo.  A solitary shell sitting on a bed of soft sand with white waves crashing in behind it.  This photo was taken at Crystal Cove in California last year during the 2011 Worldwide Photo Walk.  This is a fun photography competition held in different cities around the world where amateur & professional photographers alike participate in a fun photo walk in unique locations.  Each walk has group leaders there to answer questions or assist you with your composition.  It’s a great way to meet like-minded people and learn from each other.  Needless to say, my photo didn’t make the cut, but that’s not going to stop me from trying again this year!  If you enjoy photography, I highly recommend checking out the website above to see if your city is holding a photo walk…you never know!  🙂

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