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There’s no better way to start the new year than to jump right in!


And a few weeks after ringing in 2005, I did just that…

…right off of a bridge and into a New Zealand river!

Don’t worry, jumping off of a bridge is not necessary to kick off the new year…but it definitely put a spring in my step for the remainder of the year!

If you want to relive that exciting what-the-heck-was-I-thinking moment with me, you can read about my bungee jumping experience here or just watch the video below…and hang on tight!!!

Ever start the new year in a memorable way?

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Can I get a drum roll please?  I am so excited to announce the newest addition to Passport to Bliss…Video Bliss!

Throughout my travels and wanderings through life, I have enjoyed taking videos.  Some are scenic, some are interesting, some are silly, some are totally random but kinda fun…and then there are those where I provide my own travel narratives in an attempt to be like a famous host on the Travel Channel or something…and those will probably remain in the vault!

Well, it’s time to dust off the videos & showcase them to the world!

This first video is one that I created and posted recently after welcoming the mighty Shuttle Endeavour home (Space Shuttle Endeavour – A Homecoming to Remember.)  I was really happy with the outcome and thought it would be a great way to kick off Video Bliss.

I hope you enjoy!

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