Highway to Heaven

Highway 1

A few weeks ago, my husband and I celebrated our 4th anniversary by taking to the open road and experiencing one of the most scenic coastlines in the U.S. – Highway 1 (otherwise known as PCH or Pacific Coast Highway).

My personal favorite stretch of PCH starts at Pismo Beach and ends in Carmel. Filled with shear cliffs, curvy roads, turquoise water, breathtaking views and crashing waves, it’s as if you stepped into an idyllic postcard.

So sit back, relax and join us as we travel this little stretch of heaven.

San Simeon

San SimeonI loved the elephant seals bathing in the sun!

San SimeonHearst San Simeon State Park

Highway 1

Highway 1

Rocky Creek BridgeImpressive Bridge #1: Rocky Creek Bridge

Rocky Creek Bridge

Bixby BridgeImpressive Bridge #2: Bixby Bridge

Bixby Bridge At 279 feet high, the Bixby Bridge was a sight to behold!

Bixby Bridge
CarmelThe white sands of Carmel Beach

Point Pinos LighthousePoint Pinos Lighthouse – Although not directly off Highway 1, it was a short drive from Carmel and worth the visit!

Point Pinos LighthouseFor a donation of $2.00, you can have a tour of the lighthouse from 1:00-4:00pm every day except Tuesdays & Wednesdays.

Point Pinos LighthouseView from the front of the lighthouse.

17 Mile DriveNo visit to Monterrey is complete without doing the 17 Mile Drive!

17 Mile DriveLife is good at the Spanish Bay.

17 Mile Drive

17 Mile Drive

The Lone CypressThe Iconic Lone Cypress

The Lone Cypress

Point LobosOn our last day, we experienced Point Lobos State Reserve…a must do!

Point Lobos

Point LobosThe scenery is breathtaking!

Point Lobos

Point LobosAnd don’t worry, if you ever lose your driver’s license in Point Lobos like I did, they will happily mail it back to you!  (And how they ever found it will forever be a mystery!)

Point Lobos

Point Lobos

So if you ever want to experience one of America’s most breathtaking coastlines, pack up your car with munchies and great tunes, head to California and get ready for a sensory experience you’ll never forget!




In Remembrance of a Legend

In Remembrance of a Legend

Robin Williams, once a shining star on earth, is now shining brightly from above.

The Painted Church

No trip to the Big Island is complete without a visit to St. Benedict’s Roman Catholic Church, otherwise known as “The Painted Church.”

The Painted Church

Minutes from the Bali Tree Cottage near Kealakekua Bay, we decided to attend mass in remembrance of a special family member who had recently passed.

The Painted Church

The Painted Church

Upon entering, we were overwhelmed by not only the warmth and hospitality of the priest and parishioners, but with the intricate and masterfully painted artwork depicting biblical scenes and lives of the saints.

The Painted Church

The Painted Church

The Painted Church

The Painted Church

The Painted Church

Since 1842, the Catholic church was an important part of South Kona.  This wasn’t always its present location or its original name for that matter. The first church was actually located near the beaches of the City of Refuge and called St. Francis Regis chapel.  Seeking a cooler climate with more fertile soil in the 1880s, the locals started moving to higher ground.  Father John Velghe, a Sacred Hearts Father from Belgium, decided to follow his many parishioners, and with their help, the church was dismantled and moved up the hill to its current location.



In August 1902, the church was consecrated and renamed in honor of St. Benedict.

This small Catholic church became “The Painted Church” after Father Velge, a self-taught artist, skillfully painted its interior between 1899-1904 to communicate Bible stories to non-English-speaking Hawaiians.

Today Saint Benedict’s Church is listed in the Hawaii State Register of Historic places and the National Register of Historic Places.

The Painted Church


St. Benedict’s Roman Catholic Church is located at:

84-5140 Painted Church Road
Captain Cook, Hawaii (HI) 96704
Phone: 808-328-2227



This bit of travel inspiration is brought to you by the talented J.R.R. Tolkien and the historic landmark, Mission San Juan Capistrano!



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Bella Burano


If you want to step into a colorful dream of a postcard, may I introduce the cheery island of Burano!  Located in the Venetian lagoon in Italy, you can’t help but feel a smile spread across your face as you experience this little wonder of an island! From the beautiful flowers perched on windowsills to the picturesque canals lining brightly colored homes, it really is a photographer’s paradise! Stroll down narrow roads and wander into shops filled with souvenirs, tasty treats and what the island is known for, lace!




If you ever go to Italy, take a day to experience this special little island.

Burano is one of those places that will remain in your heart forever!


Custom Media Kit Giveaway!

MEDIA KITS…do you have yours?

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